African Route-collectors Data Analyzer

Towards ARDA 2.0: Including African private route-collectors’ data

To begin with, we thank the community for their interest in ARDA 1.0 and their invaluable feedbacks while using it. We are now committed to including private route collectors located in Africa as data sources, as a next step for improving ARDA’s accuracy. We describe below the modalities for IXP operators to contribute to this data collection process

1. Which types of private route-collectors are concerned?
 Only private route-collectors located in Africa with a peering viewpoint (and not a global viewpoint) are concerned by this approach. These include route-collectors deployed at an African IXP and at which members announce solely their network as well as those of their customers (but not those of their peers and/or transit providers).

2. How do we plan to collect these data?
 An IXP operator interested in participating can first create an FTP or web repository destined to host the daily dumps from the route-collector. He can then mail the corresponding url Repository_url as well as his details to Note, the said url will be kept private during the processing. He will be then be notified whether or not the repository fits with the requirements listed in 3 and 4.

3. How to organize the repository?
 In the created repository, each year will correspond to a folder whose name will be a number corresponding to that of the year. Similarly, the names of its subfolders will vary between 01 and 12, depending on the months in which they will be generated. Further, the name of a file contained in that repository will be under the format Year_Month_IXPname.gz or Year_Month_IXPname.txt. This way, ARDA will for instance access a given file 2017_08_13.gz through the url, Repository_url/2017/08/2017_08_13.gz.

4. Which format to use for the files?
 We suggest that the files of the repository contain the daily dumps of the route-collectors presented under the show ip bgp output of a Cisco or Quagga router. In order words, the routing information should be presented in the order:

Network, Next Hop, Metric, LocPrf, Weight, Path

IXP operators using another type of router (Bird, Juniper, Huawei, etc.) can contact us at for discussions, before we retain a common format.